Do psychic readings really work?

Do psychic readings really work?
Does anyone believe in psychic readings? Do they really work or are they just an illusion?
Have you had a reading done and what was the outcome?

Suggestion by faesodivine
I’m really open-minded when it comes to this stuff, because I’m intuitive myself although not on the degree of being psychic. I’ve never had a reading done but I hope to sometime soon.

Suggestion by shayan7805
I have consulted a psychic in the past. Despite what people say about them, psychics are actually quite gifted individuals who have been given a bad image by society. This is often the case in modern-society as people always try to stifle those who are more talented than they are.

To answer your question, my result was that I would meet a very important person. Like most people would, I disregarded this and went on with my regular life. However, the next weekend, I was at the bar with a couple of my friends when this girl sat next to me. We got to talking, and I ended up taking her out the next Monday. Since then things have been great and I still find it odd that a psychic was able to predict this.

If you would like to consult a talented group of psychics I would definitely refer you to as they are very professional people who will do the job well. Unlike most psychics they won’t scam you and are actually very courteous with their services. I would recommend them to you.

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