Q&A: How do you talk to a Ghost in your house?

How do you talk to a Ghost in your house?
As far as I know (I can control my clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience) there is one. How do I contact it?

Also how do I find out, by myself, for sure whether there is a Ghost in my house? I have seen Ghosts in my house since I was about 3 years old but I don’t know whether that was my imagination or not. I am nearly 17 now and still sense something.
How can I prove to my family that there is a Ghost, if there is one?

Thank you.

Suggestion by Madison
Well, for one, do NOT use an ouija board. They’re dangerous. Maybe just set up cameras around your house, and leave recorders around the house as well.

Suggestion by Para Nermal
I say something like this: “Hey! Hey Ghost! Yeah, you! We don’t take kindly to your type around here, Ghost! Yeah, that’s right! Why don’t you get your ghostly sh*t and GIT OUT!”

If your butt tingles, that means a ghost is near. Just tell your family your butt is tingling.

Suggestion by ali fox
Madison’s answer is good, if your family does not believe you then don’t bother, u would just be wasting your energy, the younger you are, the more sensitive you are to spirits, but some ppl keep the ability, it sounds like u kinda kept your ability but it started to fade, to communicate just say something and listen very closely for an answer, maybe ask the spirit to move an object (i suggest asking it to move something small and maybe magnetic in case it doesn’t have lots of energy) just try to be as kind as you can, u can try video taping this to show ppl if anything happens, sometimes spirits are shy, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time, you gotta do this quite a few times in case the spirit is shy, it may take it a while to come around if so.

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Is there any online wicca training courses that I can teach at?
I am interested in teaching a course online for wicca/numerology/clairsentience tarot readings.
Or doing a class on developing intuition. Is there any?

Suggestion by Labgrrl: An institution?
It depends on your qualifications, although there are online schools that will take any warm bodies.

What is your background, do you have references?

Suggestion by Natasha, The Garrulous Lady
Hey! There are some sites that will accept people to teach classes; but others aren’t accepting people to teach. You could try to start your own website and offer classes.

Another suggestion to consider would be writing an e-book. You could write it as though it were a course. The Chapters could be split into Lessons or Weeks (like lessons).

Good luck and have fun! Try searching Google for training sites. Search the sites to see if they need teachers. Email them if you have to. =]

~Natasha, The Garrulous Lady

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    Sign language.

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