What would be the best way to promote an online live tarot site?

What would be the best way to promote an online live tarot site?
I just created one to offer free readings with tarot and oracle cards by email. So far, no interest. How can I get people to go to my site and request readings?

Suggestion by Kamesh M
Hey Jasmine Want to thank you so much for your answer on my Recent question. I thought i might be a little bit helpful and return the favor. There are many ways to market online. I am in no way experienced at marketing, but I do have some suggestions. One good way to market yourself is to create a Facebook page, or create an ad on Craigslist.com . Maybe even go as far as making a you tube video on what you are offering.

Hope this helped in anyway. Please if you could message me at Kameshm2k@yahoo.com
I was trying to get in touch with you, but having a hard time. I would really like to know more about your offer with the taro card reading. Please let me know! Thanks!

Suggestion by GrungySam
I’d say best way to promote anything, really, it is on YOUTUBE!
Mainly because you could make a video explaining what this site does and reach a large audience. Youtube is a great way to get the people who already are interested in your hobbies, involved, and at the same time spark the interests of others. Usually the pseudo-famous people on youtube have a very loyal audience. *wink-wink* Just another reason to ‘promote til you float’ on youtube.

Also, TWITTER is great way to keep communication with your audience, and keep people interested in your ventures. (All in 140 characters, or less) Easy done!

If you are serious about this website. I would think you would want this website to hold discreet amount of class. Therefore, I wouldn’t condone the reputation of ‘Facebook fan page’ or ‘Craigslist’, for that matter.

Best of luck to you!

NOTE: By answering this question, I am NOT making a statement of my personal beliefs, I am simply answering a question.

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How does the online tarot card reading being done? Is it merely a joke or there’s some principle hidin on it?
I found several tarot card reading online… others were mesmerizing me that much… how that could be?

Suggestion by Peter
Suggestibility, plus most have things that apply to everyone, and you tend to focus on the things that match you.

Suggestion by Mike Gnarles
Yes it is a joke. Don’t waste your time analyzing it.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
If you mean the websites that randomly “deal” you some cards and give you the meanings, then it works based on some program that someone input standard meanigns for the cards and then the program randomly selects which messages you get. The messages are vague and can be applied to almost any situation. Since there is no human interaction or interpretation, the only person who can interpret its meaning is you, just as if you dealt your own cards from you own deck.

If you mean people who do readings online, there are several options, but all of them involve the reader doing a reading with cards and then communicating the results of the reading via the itnernet… be it a chat room or email etc. When an actual person does the reading, the reader applies both standard card meanings and intuitive interpretations to the cards and the situation at hand, thus giving what might be a helpful alternative viewpoint for the situation that may help the seeker (you) understand soemthing about the situation that he or she didn’t think about.

It’s not a joke, but it’s not always serious. It can be fun and entertaining or it can be a very helpful tool for working through issues. There is nothing “hidden” in tarot readings, though some of the symbols used may be occult in origin which refers to “hidden knowledge”… it’s only considered “hidden” because you have to search for it in order to understand it, not because someone or something is trying to conceal it.

Whether it’s a “joke” or if there’s “something behind” it is all up to you and the value you place on the messages you receive.

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  1. Rev. Lynn D. November 27, 2012 at 6:19 am #

    Spirit is not bound by time or space. Readings can be done many different ways. I would however be skeptical of online readings because you don’t know who you are dealing with.

    A reputable website is aeclectictarot.com

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