where can i get a free psychic reading?

where can i get a free psychic reading?
i have gotten many by free email but they where very bad only cold reading where can i find a real legitimate good psychic who can answer my questions ^^..

i dont mind paying over phone but i dont wanna register …..

well if you know a free reading or over a phone reading that is good please tell me ^^

Suggestion by lala
You will not get a free reading anywhere ;; unless you have a close family member who is psychic ; but my advice is this one ; ask your friends ; coworker and family for a good physic

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Does anyone know where I can have a free psychic reading?
Does anyone know where I can have a free psychic reading? Thank you.

Suggestion by Schmelly Cat
i’ll give you one!

Suggestion by JohnG
You get a free phone reading for the site in the source. The nice thing is you get to choose which psychic you want by reading through feedback left by other users.

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Can Anyone Give Me A Free Psychic Reading?

I know nothing is really free in this world but I am going through a lot right now and I do need some help. I don’t have any money right now but if someone would be kind enough to give me a free reading I know you would be blessed. If you could take the time to help me I would really appreciate it. Peace and Blessings!

Suggestion by Vivian
it is very hard to give you a reading over the computer, in fact its enarly impossible. this dude ^^^^ is way off, you cant tell if someone is going to have sex just by saying it, you have to feel the vibes and spiritual pulls when doing a reading. i work mainly with palm reading and tarrot cards, you need to find some one face-2-face to be able to help you. but whatever is wrong in your life, just remember that everything will come to pass when the time is right, all you have to do is hope for the best, and go headfirst into your problems/fears

Suggestion by Roman
Yes, I know a psychic where you can get free psychic reading. Here is a link of her website: http://www.meryem.com/free-psychic-readings.aspx

Suggestion by Melle
It sounds like you may be in crisis. I’m sorry to hear that!

Please take a look at my blog and see if what I offer may be of interest to you. If you visit the first posting, “Welcome, I’m glad you’re here” you will get a description of the type of reading I do. All I ask in return is your feedback.


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free psychic reading

I’m Lawrence of Los Angeles or LA, I’ve been doing psychic readings for over 3o years. I read the eyes, I’ll answer a question for free, just send me the question with a photo of the person that the question relates to. No cost to you just send it to anchor4u@aol.com or go to my website lawrenceofla.com

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